Preacher Pet Peeve

[tweetmeme]I have one HUGE pet peeve when it comes to some preachers.
I have seen a preacher (at a youth rally a few years back) use the illustration during his sermon – Here’s Your Sign by Bill Engvall.

What he did was take the jokes and change it from “here’s your sign” to “bless your heart.”  It WAS funny…my grandma used that phrase on me alot. The thing that frustrated me was that he told the stories like they were his personal experiences and didn’t give any reference to his source.
I don’t know about you, but this is a big integrity issue for me. If a preacher is going to use a source, he should cite the source. To be sure, I didn’t hear the rest of his message because I was so disgusted at his illustration.

Have you ever experienced this? What are your thoughts? Am I way off base?

Truth … Big part of life on the sharp end.

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One response to “Preacher Pet Peeve

  • Phil Gold

    Only had this problem when I heard you speak.

    Kidding… It’s a yes and no, I think. It’s stupid to take someone’s experience and claim it as your own. That’s just plain lying.

    But to tell a joke and not cite the source… I don’t think that’s as big of deal. Isn’t that what we’ve done since we were little kids retelling jokes on the playground that we read on our Dixie cup that morning? Don’t parents do that with stories and jokes all the time?

    So, just b/c you heard someone else tell a joke and not cite whether this is original material or not (which would probably ruin most jokes to set them up that way) I think it might not be that harmful. Besides, they may have been given permisssion by the author of the joke to use it…

    Rick Warren says, in regard to his material, use it. “The first time say, ‘Rick Warren said’, the second time say, ‘I’ve heard it said’, and the third time say, ‘I’ve always thought’.”

    Again, no respect for those who would take someone else’s experience and claim it as their own, but I am obviously more lenient about jokes…


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