Let’s Go Fishing Together

Do you have anything that you just love doing?  Not something that is a requirement, but something that is a luxury or hobby that you just love to do?  I love to fish.

This morning I got up at 3:45 to catch the last calm day of fishing before the winds picked up.  I was down to Matagorda by 4:30 and fishing by 5 am.  I was the first one out that I could see, and the sunrise was gorgeous.  Even more beautiful was the moon set.  The full moon had the harvest color as it sank over the water with its reflection shimmering.  The moon was sinking as the sun was coming up.  It was like having dawn and dusk at the same time.  The morning was beautiful.  Fishing was pretty good too.

I get up early to go fishing because I love it.  I love everything about being out in nature and trying to outwit this wild creature with some sort of lure, then fighting them back to land.  I especially love dinner after a good day fishing.  There’s nothing quite like fish being eaten less than 24 hours from being removed from the water.

What do you like to do?  What are your hobbies or passions?

So many of us are willing to go without sleep, or even – as I did today – without food in order to enjoy some activity that we love.  We spend hours getting ready.  We lose sleep because of the anticipation of the coming event.  Then we spend hours during the activity in bliss as we do the thing we love.

What if we treated our time “going to church” like that?  What if we lost sleep every Saturday night because we were so excited about what Sunday morning would bring?

Unfortunately, for so many, Sunday morning is a drudgery where we wake up (when we can) and drag ourselves and our families to church.  Many people get there late because they “just can’t get out of bed.” Even more still don’t go at all.  Then, if we go, we sit through a humdrum service as we contemplate what we really long for – lunch.

Don’t think that just because I’m a minister that I haven’t experienced that – I’ve been there too.

We are called to be like Jesus…

When asked to describe Jesus common answers are those like “nice”, “good”, “gentle”, but in John 2 Jesus gives us a different picture of his temperament.

He goes into the temple and sees all the swindlers making profit off all the worshipers, and he flips.  He’s had it. He sits down and makes a whip out of cords – a whip.  Then he uses the whip to drive out those who were desecrating the temple by their extortion.  He’s turning over tables and letting loose animals and using the whip.  The last description one could use to describe him here is “nice”.

It says in verse 17 that his disciples remembered the prophecy of the messiah that he would be full of zeal for God’s house – the temple.

Do you have that kind of zeal for God’s church? Do you get excited about it?  Do you try to keep it from being polluted by the world?  Do you even get involved in it?

If the answer is no, then there’s some change that needs to happen in your spirit. You are called to be the church.  Your Christian walk should be what defines you.  Then, gathering with the other Christians on Sunday morning to celebrate the resurrection of the Christ should be the highlight of your week!

Hebrews 10:25 encourages us to not give up meeting together “as some are in the habit of doing”.  Rather, we should encourage each other.  In this world, we need it.

It’s time for us to be passionate about our Spiritual life.  It’s time for us to stop trying to be Christians on our own, and to band together to show the world that eternal life is so much better than the alternative, and that it only comes through Christ.  It’s time to stop grumbling and complaining about our churches and start finding solutions and exhibiting our love for our brothers and sisters.

We all can go fishing…we can all be fishers of men.

May you be excited about your walk for Christ.  May you find zeal for God’s house.  And may the world be changed because of our love for one another.

I know that God’s house isn’t just the collective as a whole.  God lives in each of us, but we can’t function without the whole.  Let’s go fishing together – for men and women to come to Christ (and for the kind with gills too).  If you have any questions or comments – anything you’d like to add to this article – feel free to make your voice heard at http://www.mrdobbs.org.  If you have anything that I can do for you, contact me at 245-1611 or at jddobbs@verizon.net.  God bless you.


About Johnathan Dobbs

I'm a Christian first. I'm a husband and father second. Then I am an avid outdoorsman (hiking, camping, climbing, canoeing, fishing, etc...). Right now, I have a passion for climbing and card tricks. I am the minister for the Aztec church of Christ in Aztec, NM. I look forward to meeting new people and hearing from all. View all posts by Johnathan Dobbs

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