Aircraft Carriers, Torpedoes, and Fireworks – Are You Free?


This year for Independence Day I had the privilege of taking my family to Corpus Christi to watch the fireworks over the bay there. Each year, they display the fireworks from the deck of the U.S.S. Lexington – a massive aircraft carrier in the bay.

We were right outside the gate to get on the Lexington as we watched the fireworks. In fact, my kids were sitting on a display of a torpedo as the show went on. It was a great production, but the thing that really made it impactful was that it was being displayed from a U.S. Navy Ship.

We watched the fireworks and remembered all those who had fought so hard to establish this great nation and who continue to fight to protect our freedom.

As I remembered the freedom of our nation, however, it donned on me that we aren’t as free as we let on. I mean, you get to do a lot of things in this country in the name of freedom, but there is still censorship (albeit sometimes not enough), the borders are controlled, you have to have a license to do certain things, there are countless laws you have to obey, and you have consequences for breaking those laws.

It seems to me that the more freedom you have the less laws there are to restrict that freedom.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this nation, and I am happy to live here above all other nations. I am just pointing out the finer points of what our freedom really looks like – it’s not as free as we make it out to be.

In Christianity, the situation is actually reversed.

Many people think that Christianity is made up of a whole bunch of rules and regulations one must follow in order to appease God and gain our spot in the eternal life in heaven. This could not be further from the truth.

First of all, there is nothing you can do to appease God. Your sins have gotten in the way, so God did something to allow himself to be appeased – He came to earth, became a man, and died in our place. Then He rose from the grave to prove His superiority over our sin and death.

Next, he set us free. Don’t believe me? Galatians 5:1 says this: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

How many laws does the United Stated have? Incalculable. How many laws are there to Christianity? Two: Love God and love your neighbor. That’s it. As long as it is within those two laws, we can do whatever we want. When what we do isn’t covered by one of those two laws, then we also get grace that covers over our sins as we commit them.

It’s pretty awesome news! We have been set free! Now, verse 13 of Galatians 5 warns us not to abuse our freedom, but we ARE free!

Are you living like a free person? Are you still being held back by traditions and teachings that aren’t even in the bible? Have you given your life to Christ in order to be set free?

If you have any questions for me regarding this article or even becoming that freed person, shoot me a line at jddobbs@verizon,net or call me at 245-2826. If you’d like to comment on this article, you can do so at

Have a blessed day, and enjoy your freedom in Christ!


About Johnathan Dobbs

I'm a Christian first. I'm a husband and father second. Then I am an avid outdoorsman (hiking, camping, climbing, canoeing, fishing, etc...). Right now, I have a passion for climbing and card tricks. I am the minister for the Aztec church of Christ in Aztec, NM. I look forward to meeting new people and hearing from all. View all posts by Johnathan Dobbs

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