Cowboys and Packers Fans


What do you talk about with your friends? What do you talk about with the strangers you meet each day? Do you talk about the weather? Do you talk about the government? Do you talk about your hobby or some trip you’ve recently taken? Do you talk about your favorite sport or team?

You’ve got to love football fans. I’m not talking about those fly-by-night fair weather fans. I’m talking about those die-hard year-after-year fans no matter the final score. Those fans are great. It’s fun to see them flying high when their team is on a winning streak. It’s also interesting to see how their emotional level changes when their team loses. No matter what, though, you know they are a fan of that team and nothing you say will ever change that.

What if we were dedicated to Jesus that way? What if everyone around us couldn’t help but see our dedication to our savior?

There’s a video on the internet called “Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible”. This is done by Penn from Penn & Teller, the famous magicians. In the video, Penn talks about a man who gives him a bible after one of their Vegas shows. He speaks very highly about this man and about his sanity. He is impressed that this man believed what he did enough to proselytize Penn.

Penn is a staunch atheist. He was not going to be persuaded by this one man, but still he was impressed by his courage and conviction.

During the video he challenges that a person who claims to believe in a deity or an afterlife and doesn’t think it worthy enough to tell others isn’t really a disciple of that belief. He challenges the faith of all Christians who don’t tell others about Jesus. If we truly believed we have the message of hope for all people’s salvation and we didn’t tell those people, then that would make us selfish and show that we missed the point of salvation in the first place.

Salvation isn’t just for getting you into heaven. Salvation is for reconciling all of creation back to its Creator. It is not just for your salvation but for the salvation of the world. If you come to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and eternal life, then you need to expect that you will be required to share that opportunity with others.

Jesus made it pretty clear in Matthew 28:18-20 that he expected his disciples to make disciples who make disciples and all of whom come to Him through baptism.

Maybe you’re nervous. Maybe you don’t know what to say. If that’s the case, then find someone who knows – who has the courage – and ask them to show you how to share with others. I’d be happy to do that. I know many others who would too. Christianity isn’t meant to just make your life better but to show you the need for compassion such that you can’t help but share this hope with the whole world.

So I give you the challenge Jesus did. Go. Make disciples. Baptize people in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Teach them to do what you just did. Then, we can all watch the world change as it is reconciled back to the One who made it.


About Johnathan Dobbs

I'm a Christian first. I'm a husband and father second. Then I am an avid outdoorsman (hiking, camping, climbing, canoeing, fishing, etc...). Right now, I have a passion for climbing and card tricks. I am the minister for the Aztec church of Christ in Aztec, NM. I look forward to meeting new people and hearing from all. View all posts by Johnathan Dobbs

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