Noah: a review


Ok, so I need to confess a couple of things. First of all, I’m not unbiased. I believe in the bible, so when things are advertised as being associated with the bible I have a certain expectation. Second of all I made a mistake – I took my children to see this movie. So I sat through the whole movie being affected by how the movie is effecting my children.

If I had gone to see this movie without my family I would probably have a different feeling about the movie. If I didn’t have knowledge of the bible story I would think of this movie differently as well. In either of those cases I would probably have a bit more to say to the positive for this movie.

I will talk about the overall review of the movie, then it will give a warning and I will talk about some of the specifics of the movie and give some spoilers.

General Observations
The story of the movie is actually really well told. If this had been touted as a telling of the flood narrative that is found in many cultures without reference to the bible then this would actually have succeeded. As a guy who likes action I can say that this movie was packed through with intensity and suspense. It was actually my style of movie.

The CGI was not as good as many other movies I’ve seen. There was more claymation type motion in some of the CGI than I would like to have seen. There was also video clips of animals and their babies that was not the same quality as the rest of the movie – an obvious break in consistent videography.

The story was well told from the memory of the beginning and the separation of the line of Noah back to Seth. The story line was so different from the bible narrative that there were multiple times I was on the edge of my seat wondering just what was about to happen. I would say that was a successful part of the movie.

As for some of the more obvious story lines in the movie, the ark was great. I loved how they designed it. I loved how the animals came into it and there’s a way that they managed the animals that was really cool. It looked real.

The other thing that I thought was well done was the portrayal of the evil of mankind. In fact, they did this so well that I was sorry I took my kids to see it. When the only inclination of all the people was only evil all the time you have to portray some pretty violent and evil people. They did this well. Because of this there was much gore involved. The body count is astronomical as could be expected of a worldwide catastrophe. However the battles before were filled with some serious blood and guts. There is even a battle scene on the ark that is intense.

Would I recommend this movie to anyone? Yes. If you’re into intense movies that you can’t really predict the outcome. Also if you’ve never read the biblical account then you will enjoy this movie. Go see this movie as just a movie. Separate it from the bible and it is a well done movie that does what it intends to do.

Parents’ Warning
There has been some rumor that there is a lot of foul language in this movie. That is not so. There are a handful of damns but they are used in the condemning sense. The language is somewhat true to the biblical era before the invention of most modern-day cuss words.

There is one scene where Shem and his girl have sex, but they don’t show anything. They kiss passionately and then drop to the ground off screen.

There is also a scene where Noah is naked. He is laying on his face on the sand and his entire backside is shown. Nothing sexual is implied or projected in this scene.

The violence is gratuitous. There are many dead bodies. There is much hatred-driven violence. You see severed limbs and much blood. There is even some scenes of cannibalism where screaming women are being dragged off to be eaten.

I took my five year old and seven year old to see it. They will probably have nightmares. My son was asking to leave toward the end. We usually have great conversations from biblical movies, but this one convinced my son that he didn’t even want us to buy to rent this later. He didn’t want this movie in our house. Having them at the movie made me more sensitive to the ungodliness portrayed therein.

This is the part when I talk about the things that were different from the bible. If you haven’t seen the movie and plan to then you might want to skip this part. Otherwise read at your own risk.

First things first. They tell the story of creation and then after Cain killed Abel there were angels who wanted to help the humans so they came to earth against God’s will and he cursed them. As soon as they hit the earth they became covered with the earth only to become – wait for it…ROCK MONSTERS!

They are throughout the whole movie. The story is that they are helping the seed of Adam and Methuselah defeats the sons of Cain to save these rock monsters. By the time of Noah there are only about 20 left. They are present throughout the movie and help Noah build the ark. They even help fend off the sons of Cain as they try to take the ark from Noah.

I actually thought they were pretty cool, and you even empathize with them. I actually really like them in this movie.

Tubal-Cain is the king of all the earth in this movie and he killed Noah’s dad. He’s very evil and actually makes it on the ark and is on it until it hits the mountainside.

Speaking of being on the ark…there are seven on the ark. Noah and his wife. Shem and his woman (notice the wording), Ham, Japeth, and Tubal-Cain. While on the ark Shem’s woman ends up pregnant and asks for Noah’s blessing. She ends up having twin girls, but the pre-marital relation is pretty obvious in this movie.

Noah is the biggest disappointment. He never hears directly from God but only in dreams. Then he is convinced that mankind will end with them. They are there to help the animals survive then they will die after they land with the ark. He is so set on this that he is going to murder the baby if it is female so that the bloodline of the race of men cannot be perpetuated. He understands the corruption of men and can’t bear to see it continue and feels called by God to do what is necessary to make sure it doesn’t – including killing his granddaughter or granddaughters.

He is so upset after the ark lands that he finds some grapes and gets drunk. This is the scene from the biblical account where he is drunk, but it’s not in a tent. It is in a cave on the beach where he has retreated from his family due to his remorse. Ham doesn’t make fun of him but there has been strife throughout the movie that causes him to not do anything to help. Shem and Japeth help like the bible tells. However, this scene doesn’t end with Noah blessing Shem and Japeth and cursing Ham. In fact this scene happens before the “rainbow” and is disconnected from the main storyline.

Oh, and there is no real rainbow as you picture it. There is no sacrifice to God. There is a shining light and an aurora borealis-like rainbow-colored aura. Again, there is no direct voice of God.

Overall I could like this movie if it weren’t for how they portrayed Noah. He was shown to be so crazy that even his family hated him. He was not the humble, righteous man that is portrayed in the bible.

Ok, so there’s the spoilers. I could probably say more, but that’s enough. I want to support biblical movies. However, if someone doesn’t know the bible and assumes that this is an accurate portrayal of what Jews and Christians believe then they will think we are nuts for believing in the bible. I think we should spend our money on things we want to see more of.

Ultimately you should make your own decision. These are my thoughts. Hope it helps.


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One response to “Noah: a review

  • Marie Hunter Atwood

    Sorry I ‘m so late reading your review (due to eye surgery a month ago and with the lengthy recuperation I’ve not been able to keep up with what was happening.
    I appreciate the fact that you did a review, but I’m not at all sure I could recommend this movie to anyone based on the information given. I realize that an adult who has a firm foundation in Biblical truths might see this film and others that are similar without suffering emotional damage to either mind or faith. However, from the standpoint of a story that falsifies the facts and then adds immorality and extreme violence to draw viewers in doesn’t strike me as something our Lord would be pleased to see His children as participants. These things fill our minds even though it might be for a temporary period of time. We have the teaching in Ephesians 5:18 not to fill our minds with things that fight the work of the Spirit within.

    The first thing that I ever really learned about the Spiritual aspect of our lives was that it is an ‘either’ ‘or’ situation as in Ephesians 5:18 where believers are taught to beware of dissipation (here it is drunkenness) because we are to “be filled” with the Spirit. It is so easy to become callous from participation in the things of the world which includes active participation or inactive participation such as reading, watching or doing. The fourth chapter of Ephesians especially verses 7-19 give good advice as well as Colossians 3 where we learn that spiritual growth is a matter of continual ‘putting on or putting off the things that hinder our spirituality.

    I applaud your motivation and I offer this opinion because I see spiritual growth as something that as Christians we are ‘missing the mark of perfection’. We studied and learned and prayed and the Spirit guided us to see that God wanted us to be not only believers, but obedient believers that allowed our belief to become faith. It seems then that too many of us are happy with that conclusion not realizing it was only a beginning. The next step is to grow in spirituality in order to fulfill our roles as His messengers and bring others to Him, as well as serving as His holy priests. How is this to happen? It won’t until we grasp the meaning of the word spirituality and seek Him as we did before we gave ourselves to Him.

    If you would care to comment my e-mail is I do thank you for listening to what I felt I needed to say God Bless..




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