Eternal Bliss

usHere is a poem I wrote for my wife while we were dating.  I still love her.

Eternal Bliss

Within the days of my eternal bliss

Thy countenance does oft inspire the mind

Thinking of all the days I want not miss

When then my everlasting true love find

Caressing thought of our next day to see

Often do we compatible appear

As one and one must always sum to be

But one now are me and my precious dear

A rose cannot be ever quite as sweet

Your lips do drip as with the richest wine

Ecstatic is my heart each time we meet

You take my breath but I accept the fine

If never more for you show love I may

Joy is to know I did not waste a day

Trying to get people on mission who haven’t been transformed by the gospel is a fool’s errand.

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