Who Are You?


“Who are you?” said the little one
“Tell me, what’s your name?”
“I’ve told you many times,” He said
“But I’ll tell you once again.
Hold up two fingers, what’s that sign?”
She did so and said, “Peace.”
“Of this I am the Prince,” said He
“Who causes wars to cease.”
“How old were you when I was born?”
He looked at her and grinned.
“I have always been here and thus
Of me there is no end.”
“What is your purpose here for me
That of me you have sought?”
With love He gently touched her face
Amused by her deep thought.
“You have a most important role
To play here on the earth.
To tell everyone about me
Beginning with my birth.
Times will be hard and days so long
Doing your best to try,
But if you fail when at your best,
I’ll hold you when you cry.
I thank you for the work you’ll do
And for your heart that cares.
I made you that way, and you know
With you I’m always there.”

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