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Timothy was 5


Timothy’s sister, Sarah, was very ill and in the hospital. This concerned Timothy very much. He looked up to his big sis, and she was his whole world. Timothy was 5 and Sarah was 8.

As the treatments continued the doctors determined that Sarah needed a blood transfusion in order to save her life. They began the search for who would have the right type of blood to save Sarah’s life. Timothy even had his blood tested. He didn’t like the prick, but it was worth it for his big sister.

After the tests were completed it was determined that Timothy was a perfect match as a blood transfusion donor for his sister. They explained the procedure to Timothy, and after only a little bit of convincing Timothy agreed.

The doctors quickly got everything ready, and before he knew it Timothy was laying on a bed next to his sister. She had all sorts of tubes and machines connected to her. Her eyes were closed, but Timothy smiled as he looked at her. He was saving her life.

Not long after the procedure began Timothy began to silently weep. No one noticed at first. When Timothy’s mom realized he was crying she went to him and asked him what was wrong.

“How long till I die?”

Everyone in the room froze as the impact of the question set in. Timothy agreed to the blood transfusion, but in his mind he was giving all his blood – his very life – to save his sister. This five year old had given the greatest sacrifice so that his sister could live.

What would you give so that others would live?

There are many things that you can give to bring life to others. You can give time, prayer, effort, money, services, etc. Jesus said that the greatest love someone could show is to give their life for their friends. Then Jesus called his disciples friends.

How much do you give so that others can live?

Do you give your time, money, effort, prayers? Many people go to church each week but are merely consumers of all that goes on there. Then, if things aren’t going their way, or if they aren’t being “fed” what they desire to consume, then they are the loudest complainers. Are you one of these consumer Christians?

In 2 Samuel 24:24 David wanted to worship God in sacrifice. The landowner offered to give him the land and the sacrifice. David could have consumed these goods and given little effort to worship God, but he refused. He refused to worship God in a way that cost him nothing.

We are called to make sacrifices every day and in many ways. In our churches we are called to make sacrifices of praise to The Lord. But we are also called to give. It won’t kill you to give, but many people act like it will.

If you are giving pocket change each week I challenge you to dig a little deeper until you feel the pain of sacrifice. If you aren’t giving at all, I challenge you to get started right away. Giving is a blessing when you do it. Even God promises to pour out copious amounts of blessings on those who give in Malachi 3.

So let’s be people who give. And let’s watch together as our giving provides new ways for people to come to life in Christ.

Hands-on required

This last week, I had the privilege of going to Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, OK with the youth group from Nichols St. church of Christ for Camp Genesis.  The focus of this camp, as with many church camps, is to help the students experience God in ways they never have before.  The hope is that these experiences with God will change the lives of the teens attending.

Camp Genesis is a little different than most camps I’ve been to, however.  It’s focus is helping the kids get beyond their comfort zone and interact with other people who may be uncomfortable for these teens to be around.  The campers got to split up during the week and travel to many different ministries around Oklahoma City and serve in any way they could.  They went to an inner-city church, the Salvation Army, the City Rescue Mission, Special Care (a home for children with disabilities), the regional Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club and various other services around the area.

All of the kids attending were very excited to have the opportunity to serve.  In fact, we got rained out on Monday and had to postpone the service projects that day, and the teens were voicing their disappointment because they just couldn’t wait to help serve.  I really enjoy that aspect of teenagers today…they will serve, and they want to serve.

As I worked and taught and laughed and sweated alongside these teens last week, I realized something I would like to share with you today.  It came to me that I really like to sing.  I love singing on Sunday morning.  I sing in my car.  I sing with the teens.  I have even performed from time to time.  I love to sing.

One of my favorite things about being a Christian is that I get to worship with other Christians every Sunday morning and any other time the Christians are meeting together.  This brings me great joy.  I know that many of you reading this feel the same joy as you worship God each week.  This is not a new concept to me, but what comes next is something I haven’t processed before:

It is really easy for us to get so caught up in worshiping with our lips that we forget what true worship is really about.

Romans 12:1-2 says this:  Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. (NIV)

This phrase “spiritual act of worship” is translated in other versions as “reasonable service of worship”.  The idea here is that the only logical, reasonable way to worship is to offer ourselves as living sacrifices…to God.

We all worship something.  What we dedicate our lives to is what we worship – sometimes it may be our job or our hobby or our family or even our addiction.  What consumes us is what we worship.

Even more so…is it worship if we are only doing it on Sunday morning with our lips?  What about the rest of our bodies the rest of the week?  Worship is about so much more than simply singing to God.  It’s easy to sing the right words at the right time.  It’s much harder to get dirty for Jesus as we serve Him by serving others.

This is what these kids were doing all week at camp.  They were giving their lives to God in service to those whom God loves.

So what do you worship?  And how do you do it?  If you are a Sunday only type of Christian, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate what you are worshiping.  Worship should be from everything you are and have every day of the week.  Christian should be who you are…not merely what you do.  Only when we get a firm grasp on this concept will the world be changed for the good in the name of Christ.

Then, you will understand God’s will for you.

I thank God for the work that these teens have done this week!  And I thank God that’s He’s working in your heart as you have read this article.  If there is any way we can serve you or help you get plugged in to serving others, feel free to contact me at jddobbs@verizon.net or on twitter @mrjdobbs.  God bless you, and may He change you daily to be more like Jesus.

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