Mojave National Preserve, California

Mojave National Preserve, California

With hues of violet, crimson, blue and gold
The sky is painted by the brush of God
Of shaded lights on earth there is no match
E’en rainbows strive in vain to match its beaut
Amd in this time of day God reaches out
His hand and tugs at the strings of my heart
He whispers softly in each tiny ear
“I love you and for you this is my will:
To join with me and bask in my delight
Wondering at the beauty I have made
Full well knowing with you I’ll always be
Right by your side to hold you as you need
My painting I have given you tonight
Savor the red the blue the gold the green
Because as I painted each tender stroke
You were the one I so longed for to win.”
So every time I see a sunset sky
Marveling at the beauty God has made
Remember I when looking at this HE
Has made it all right here and now for me

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